Our Committees and Groups

Inclusion Committee

Mission: We strive towards all members of Temple Sholom being able to participate fully in all spiritual, educational, celebratory and life events at the synagogue.

Vision: We are a community where all members share a sense of dignity, empathy and togetherness; where inclusion is the framework around which congregational activities are centered.

What Temple Sholom has done:


Jewish Disability Month--Temple Sholom participated in its first Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month in February. Some highlights:

  • Fidget toys and bean bags in Blumberg Chapel

  • Community Havdalah with Peer buddies for those who requested

  • Learner’s service, connecting people to Shabbat prayers

  • Fully accessible service in sanctuary led at podium in front of bimah

  • Noise cancelling headphones and earplugs for Purim

  • New sound system in sanctuary (April)


  • Temple Sholom forms Inclusion Committee.

  • Quiet Room--a small space, with quiet activities for people to use during High Holidays, Purim, and large congregational events

  • Survey--completed a congregational survey of what barriers prevent people from participating in community events. See results here.

  • Speaker--Ed Frim spoke to the Temple Sholom community to define and explain inclusion in Judaism

  • Created signs and explanation about our hearing amplification units in the sanctuary

For more information, please email Karen Selsberg

Mitzvah Committee:  

Temple Sholom is committed to fulfilling mitzvot in the community by embracing the values of Tikkun Olam (“Repairing the World”). 

Clean Up 2.jpg


Congregants of all ages successfully carry out a variety of programs.  Some of the groups that drive the activities include the Mitzvah Committee, Sisterhood, Men’s Club, United Synagogue Youth, Ritual Committee, Hebrew High School, Religious School and Preschool Place.

Activities proudly include:

  • Food drives with 2500 - 3000 lbs of food collected annually for the Somerset food bank

  • Samaritan Homeless Interim Program (SHIP) where we (1) supply and serve cooked meals for the anti-hunger program monthly (2) operate the mobile soup kitchen over 35 days each year and (3) collect turkeys and canned goods for their Thanksgiving dinner

  • Passover and Rosh Hashanah meal baskets supplied to over 40 families each holiday in partnership with Jewish Family Services

  • “Giving Menorah Campaign” collection of gifts for elderly, children, and those in need for the Channukah and Christmas holidays in conjunction with United Way

  • Bikur Cholim visits intended to provide comfort to nursing home residents

  • Leading Shiva minyans for those in mourning

  • Knitting and providing blankets, doll clothes and other items to the elderly or those in need

  • “Adopt a road” semiannual street clean up

  • “Stuff the Bus” annual school supply collection provided to United Way

The above are just a sample of the many activities that are happening on a regular basis at Temple Sholom. We are always looking for new opportunities to help the community around us and to include those who want to perform mitzvot.

Membership Committee

The membership committee helps to welcome and integrate new members in to the congregation. They will help you to build meaningful relationships with your new Temple family, guide you to congregation services, and even help you get plugged into the groups and committees that suit your interests and talents. For more information contact dorit@temple-sholom.net.

Jewish Life Committee

The Jewish Life Committee shall consult with the Board of Trustees, the Rabbi, and the Cantor, with respect to the form and conduct of the religious services and rituals of the Congregation; procure, provide and maintain the books and religious articles required for the proper conduct of such services; distribute the honors or aliyahs at services after consultation with the Rabbi, or in his/her absence, the President or one of the Vice Presidents; and perform other duties as may be delegated to them by the Board of Trustees. For information on the Jewish Life Committee please contact Wally Yosafat or Andrea Horowitz .

Men’s Club

We are a vital part of synagogue life at Temple Sholom. As a member of the Men’s Club you will have the privilege of being a part of the Federation of Jewish Men’s Club, which is our national organization. We take part in many aspects of Temple life and ritual. There are always members leading in the morning and evening Minyan Service. We have speakers and breakfasts throughout the year and welcome both new and old members participation.

To join the Men’s Club, please contact the temple office.


Join Sisterhood and get to know the women 0f Temple Sholom Sisterhood provides religious, educational, cultural and social activities for women, couple and families.  Open to women of all ages, Sisterhood provides opportunities for you to support our community and synagogue. Our most significant contribution to the Temple is our support of the Religious School. We underwrite all of the school's special holiday activities. We would love for all Religious School moms to become involved in Sisterhood and help continue the tradition of supporting our children.

Sisterhood is a great way to meet new friends and to quickly feel a part of our Temple Sholom community.  There are many types of activities that Sisterhood sponsors; there is something for everyone.  Join us at a  meeting, plan to attend an activity geared towards our Temple women, stimulate your brain or bring the family to an event.  Whatever you choose to do, we know you will enjoy it!

We are also very proud of our Sisterhood Gift Shop, located in the Temple Sholom lobby.  The Gift Shop is an excellent source for unique and well-priced Judaica items.  Our Gift Shop features an array of specialty merchandise that will meet your holiday, Bar and Bat Mitzvah, gift and/or everyday needs.  Support Sisterhood by stopping by our shop.

Sisterhood also sells gift cards for Shop Rite.  They are available at our Gift Shop. Shop Rite donates 5% of all sales back to Sisterhood.  If you can't get to the Gift Shop, please call and we will be happy to arrange delivery to your home. contact temple office


USY is the oldest of our groups and is for students in grades ninth through twelfth. USY has a board of very dedicated and involved young adults who enjoy the many aspects from planning and organizing the many chapter events such as a mystery bus ride, mall scavenger hunt or NYC trip, as well as co-hosting our annual Purim carnival. Members also participate regularly in the numerous regional dances and/or weekend long conventions. Bridgewater USY (BrUSY) strongly emphasizes all areas of Jewish identity, incorporating Israel awareness, Social Action/Tikun Olam (saving the world), and even religious/educational aspects into our planning of fun and social events. There is something in BrUSY for everyone!  For more information on joining, please check out our web site or contact our USY advisor, at bridgewaterusy@gmail.com.


Kadima is the place for kids in grades sixth through eighth. Kadima members benefit from involvement in regional events such as Kadima Fun Day and Roller Skating, Overnight Conventions and Dances as well as local chapter events including movie nights, bowling and pizza parties. The chapter also participates in creating our annual Purim Carnival. For information on becoming a member, please send an email to gingersnaps87@yahoo.com

Shalom Chaverim

Sholom Chaverim, the group for children in grades third through fifth, meets monthly enjoying many activities from pumpkin picking and bowling to miniature golf. If interested in joining the fun, let us know.