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Bruchim Ha’Baim,   Welcome to Nitzanim!

Nitzanim is Temple Sholom’s program for our youth beginning in kindergarten and moving up at the end of 7th grade into the next phase of their education at Hebrew High. Nitzanim is the name of our school and it means flower buds or new beginnings in Hebrew. This name connects to our childrens’ formal Jewish learning beginning here at Temple Sholom. We cannot wait to see how they will blossom into the young, socially conscious Jews that will become our future leaders.

Our mission for Nitzanim is to build community through meaningful relationships and live Jewishly.

The goals of our school:

●      To create a sacred space “makom kodesh,” for all of our children, so that we meet them where they are and help them to grow

●      Explore Torah through experiential learning environment, connecting the words on the page to our daily lives

●      Acquiring 21st Century skills through Project Based Learning while delving into meaningful Judaic topics (Israel, Jewish History, Holiday and Jewish Values)

●      Connect to the Hebrew language through an interactive experience with Hebrew Through Movement, while making personal meaning out of our daily prayers, tefillot and blessings.

●      Impart Jewish values to our learners through acts of kindness, “hesed”, to connect their Jewish studies to their daily lives as they learn the true meaning of what it means to be a mensch

To view an overview of the Nitzanim curriculum, please click here

We provide services for learners with all abilities for both our formal and informal education programming. Please contact our Director of Youth Education and Engagement, Ilene Cohen or our inclusion committee chair, Karen Selsberg for additional information.

Youth Group at Temple Sholom

Shalom Chaverim (3rd-5th grade) click here to sign up

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Come Celebrate Shabbat With Us!

Come Celebrate Shabbat With Us!

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Download and complete this 2019-2020 and bring your complete forms to Temple Sholom during office hours, along with your a $100 deposit. You may also fax your completed form to (908) 253-0878.  If you have additional questions or concerns, fill out the form below and we will respond as soon as possible.


Ilene Cohen, Director of Youth Education and Engagement     (908)722-1339 ext. 112

Ilene Cohen, Director of Youth Education and Engagement

(908)722-1339 ext. 112

Susan Greenstein, Administrative Assistant     (908)722-1339

Susan Greenstein, Administrative Assistant


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