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Synagogue Skills Class

(Everything you wanted to know about what goes on during Services…but were afraid to ask)


Which of the following terms might you hear at Services?  Yahrzeit, Yizkor, Yahtzee, Yenta.

 Have you ever wondered if there was a difference between an “Honor” and an “Aliyah”?

Do you know what to do if you are given an Aliyah?  Where do I go?  When do I go?  What do I do after my Aliyah?

 Have you ever wondered if there is a “correct” way to do a “Hagbah” and/or a “G’Lilah”? Are you sure what a Hagbah and G’Lilah are?  Would you like a chance to do one?  Have you ever seen a Torah “up close and personal”?

 Have you ever wondered if there is a “correct” way to carry a Torah?  What do you do if you are given the honor of “sitting” with the Torah?

 Would you like to know what a “Gabbai” does when he/she is on the bima during Services?  Would you like to know how you can become a Gabbai?

 For answers to these and any other Jewish Life/prayer service questions you may have, please join us on Sunday morning, March 19, 2017 at 11AM in the Blumberg Chapel.  We will be finished by noon!

 Linda and Allan Halperin

 Jewish Life Committee co-chairs

Shabbat Service - April Birthdays/Minyanaires Shabbat
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Shabbat Service - April Birthdays/Minyanaires Shabbat

Calling all Temple Sholom Teens:


We are looking forward to our next Minyanaires Services on Shabbat morning, April 22.   For those of you who may not be familiar with our Minyanaires service, it is an opportunity for our post B'nai Mitzvah congregants to lead (or help to lead) our Shabbat morning services.  Minyanaires Shabbat is a regular service for the entire congregation,  but lead mostly by YOU.   There are a number of ways for you to be a part of this beautiful service:


*       Lead a prayer; or

*       Read Torah or chant the Haftorah; or

*       Receive an honor during the service (either an Aliyah, opening the Ark, or carrying the Torah); or

*       Become a Gabbai-in-Training; or

*       Just being at Temple Sholom and enjoy listening to your peers lead the congregation, we would love to have you attend.

We have attached a list of the Shabbat morning services (click HERE), so if there is something specific you would like to do, please let Caryn Kenin ( know.   Ifyou have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.