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Call us, email us, and by all means visit us! We'd love to hear from you! Our office hours are Monday -Thursday 9-5, and Fridays 9-4. Stop by, schedule a visit, and become a part of one the most loving congregations around! Fill out the form below if you have immediate questions or concerns you'd like us to respond to.

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Daily Minyans allow worshippers to fulfill the mitzvah of daily prayer. Services are held Monday and Thursday at 6:45 AM. Shabbat Services are held every Friday evening and Saturday morning. Our Shabbat and Holiday services are participatory, engaging, and attract a regular group of worshippers of all ages. Lively melodies help us keep our reputation as “the singing congregation”. New participants are always welcome, and there are ample opportunities for learning and individual participation. 

Friday evening services typically are held at 8:00 PM, and Saturday morning services begin at 9:30 AM. Likrat Shabbat Family service is an early Friday evening service which meets at 6:45 PM on the last Friday of each month. It is specifically designed to engage families, especially those with younger children, but congregants of all ages enjoy its lively nature. Shabbat B'yahad is an interactive Shabbat service for preschoolers and their parents. It is held one Shabbat morning a month from 11:00 am until noon in the Blumberg Chapel. Shababa is a participatory learning service designed for children ages 7-12. It is held one Shabbat morning a month from 10:30 until noon in the Blumberg Chapel. Please refer to the calendar for the next scheduled Shabbat B'yahad and  Shababa services.

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