The goal of our K-7 classes is to deepen Jewish experience and knowledge, strengthen commitment to God, promote love of Torah and involvement in the Temple, encourage identification with Israel and the Jewish people and participation in Jewish life and ritual. We wish to constantly reinforce the students’ desire to live as Jews and to be concerned participants in the Jewish community at large.

It is our goal to encourage students to pursue justice, freedom and peace through Tzedek (righteousness), Mishpat (justice) and Chesed (loving deeds); Jews who esteem their own person and the person of others, their own community and the community of others.

It is also our aim that every student should understand the history of the Jewish people, the basic concepts that unify Judaism and the various trends within it to the end that each student will willingly choose to be a part of this history, and a bearer of Jewish tradition.

Download and complete this 2018-2019 and bring your complete forms to Temple Sholom during office hours, along with your a $100 deposit. You may also fax your completed form to (908) 253-0878.  If you have additional questions or concerns, fill out the form below and we will respond as soon as possible.


  Ilene Cohen, Director of Youth Education and Engagement        i     (908)722-1339 ext. 112

Ilene Cohen, Director of Youth Education and Engagement

(908)722-1339 ext. 112

  Susan Greenstein, Administrative Assistant     (908)722-1339

Susan Greenstein, Administrative Assistant


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